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Sharon Clark



Technologies Used:

PHP, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, XML, MySQL, REST, SVN


I was the lead programmer for the OpenSky front-end development from inception and was responsible with ensuring that the site conformed to UCAR website recommendations and processing REST API data for display to end-users.

In addition to PHP work with Codeigniter, I also developed a Java-based API that formatted publications records into an appropriate citation format. The API retrieved data from the Opensky repository system and used caching to make the response more timely.

I was also responsible for customer support and assisting other developers in the UCAR organization with use of the OpenSky APIs and systems.

In December 2010, the eleven members of the NCAR Library team, including myself, won the UCAR Outstanding Accomplishment Award for Administrative Achievement for the creation and development of the OpenSky repository of UCAR scholarship.