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Sharon Clark

NSDL: The National Science Digital Library


Technologies Used:

PHP, CodeIgniter, Java, Struts, JavaScript, Prototype JS, jQuery, CSS, XML, MySQL, PostGRESQL, Drupal, Wordpress, GForge, LDAP, REST, CVS, SVN


I started working with the various NSDL websites as a student assistant to NSDL's lead developer. Intially, I did minor work with database-driven forms and some PHP work.

After the lead developer left the group, I took over his duties. I converted the site from a GForge-based system to CodeIgnighter and used the framework, along with various libraries and templates to simplify development and create a more modular codebase. I also did a lot of interface development work, retrieving data from REST APIs and formatting it for display.

In addition to PHP development, I was also responsible for front-end work using various Javascript libraries and CSS as well as back-end work using XML, databases, and some Java. Part of my Java work included maintenance and improvement of link-checkers and harvesters.

During my time at NSDL, I also did some theme development with Wordpress, some minor Wordpress module modification, and Drupal development including custom themes, custom modules, and configuration.

In July 2011, NSDL granted me a UCAR Special Recognition Award for redesigning to accommodate changes in the search service including the addition of annotations, facets, and interactive histograms.

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